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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, caught on camera. look at this. a train slamming into a tractor trailer. dozens of passengers hurt. now the truck's driver jumped to safety just before the moment of impact. breaking overnight two helicopters collide and crash killing ten people. the investigation under way right now as we learn more about the olympic medalists who were on board. a detonating device. a cut on the hand and an e-cigarette lodged in the ceiling after a man says it exploded in his face. his dramatic 911 call and pictures after it happened. final rose. "the bachelor" picks his wife-to-be and then an announcement about the new bachelorette season that everyone is talking about.
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and good morning to you all. we have to start with yet another serious passenger train crash. >> an amtrak track carrying 212 passengers plowed into a tractor trailer stuck at a crossing in north carolina. 55 passengers and crew were rushed to the hospital. >> it's the haitian's third major passenger train accident in just than two months and abc's susan saulny with the latest on this one. >> oh my god. oh my god! >> reporter: eyewitnesses watched in helpless horror as an amtrak train on its way to new york city collided with a tractor trailer stuck on the tracks in halifax, north carolina. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what went so wrong. >> we need ems up here. >> reporter: the engine and two of the seven cars rerailed. more than 60 of the passengers were injured. despite devastation no fatalities. >> engine on its side tore to pieces back car and the first coach on the ground. >> reporter: the truck carrying
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an oversized load had a special permit to travel on the highway and was being escorted by a state patrolman. witnesses say the truck was trying to make a difficult turn and struggled for several minutes. as the train approached the truck driver jumped to safety before the moment of impact. investigators are wondering if anyone alerted amtrak. >> so the investigation will determine who called whom and what happened. >> you don't usually walk away from a train wreck as easily as all these people are blessed today. >> reporter: this is the third serious passenger rail accident in just over a month. two weeks ago it was a truck stuck on the tracks in california and last month, a metro north train struckson suv in new york. both the driver and six passengers killed. in north carolina investigators want to know if anyone studied this route and that particular intersection before giving the oversized truck a permit. susan saulny, abc news washington. >> thank you, susan. breaking overnight olympic medalists among the victims
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after two helicopters crashed in remote argentina. the choppers were filming a popular european reality tv show when they apparently collided. the two pilots and eight passengers died including camille mufat a french swimmer who won a gold medal and alexi basssteen who won a bronze medal in 2008. mark lippert has been discharged from a south korean hospital after last week's knife attack. lippert was rushed to the hospital last thursday in seoul. this was the scene you're seeing there. tempt fate. after a man slashed him in the face and left arm after a break it was forum. he told reporters he's in good spirits after successful surgery. >> i'm walking, talking, holding my baby. you know, hugging my wife. so i'm -- i just feel really good. i've got a little rehab left to do on the arm, the face feels really good. >> lippert's alleged attacker known as an anti-american
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activist previously convicted for hurring a piece of concrete at the japanese ambassador in seoul five years ago. meanwhile, the president of the university of oklahoma is mincing no words to the fraternity brothers caught on camera singing a racist song. we don't want you. he calls their behavior disgraceful and reprehensible and suggest they find another school. the frat house is being shut down. members given to the end of the day today to get out of there. sigma alpha epsilon's national organization has apologized and calls those on the video, quote, a few bigoted idiots. an apology has been issued again by the chief of police in madison, wisconsin, over the death of 19-year-old tony robinson. thousands jammed into the state capitol demanding justice. robinson was shot by matt kenny after kenny says robinson attacked him. >> what do you want to say to the family? what's your message to them?
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>> i don't have a good answer except to say i'm sorry. i apologize for what has happened to their son their grandson their nephew their friend. >> officer kenny is now on administrative leave during the investigation. tony robinson's family is urging calm and respect for police. and more fallout from that highly critical justice department report on ferguson, missouri. a state appeals court judge is now taking over ferguson's municipal court. the missouri supreme court assigned state judge roy richter to hear all cases and his job is to restore the integrity of the system. in georgia the midnight rider trial has ended with a plea deal. the director greg years in jail. charges against his wife were dropped. another executive will be on probation for ten years. the charges were in connection with the death of a 27-year-old camera assistant struck and
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killed on a railroad bridge. some chilling new video evidence at the boston marathon bombing trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. prosecutors say tsarnaev in the white cap picking a spot in the crowd and slipping 0 of a backpack which held a pressure cooker bomb then he uses his cell phone allegedly to call his brother, seconds later the first bomb goes off. you see it there. tsarnaev then slips away and the bomb prosecutors say he planted explodes. they also showed video from a wholefood store showing him buying milk 20 minutes after and proves his indifference to the suffering going on around him. president obama exchanged e-mails with secretary of state hillary clinton at her private address but didn't know the details of her account and how she would comply with federal records law, that according to the white house. several oreos say clinton is expected to hold a news conference in new york soon to address the growing controversy. well some new financial questions are swirling around a
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republican congressman from illinois who's already been answering plenty of financial questions. aaron schock was repeated asked yesterday about a report he spent more than $10,000 to have his staff accompany him on a trip to new york for events connected to the visit of india's prime minister. >> i would simply say that that was an official trip. i think it's my attempt to serve my district the best i can. >> all right, schock's spending habits though were on display here and they were questioned when he used 40 grand of taxpayer money to redecorate his office in the style of "downton abbey." he later paid that money back. a landmark medical marijuana bill expected to be introduced ending the ban on it and implement a long sought series reforms. it has burp support being sponsored by death penalties like cory booker of new jersey and republican rand paul from kentucky. time now for the weather
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from across the nation. a rainy day from new orleans to nashville. showers elsewhere in the south and moving into the mid-atlantic. springlike weather in the midwest with temperatures 20 degrees above normal. mostly dry there and in the west. >> yeah spring-like we're talking now, high of 61 69 in kansas city chicago and detroit will reach into the 50s and 60s and 80s for both miami and l.a. still ahead, the apple watch, the cost the release date and what will be able to do. a 2-year-old snatched from the street in the arms of an abductor. you are seeing it there caught on camera. collision course two ships smashing into each other in a busy american channel. the environmental concerns this morning.
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i thought, "the red cross does katrina. they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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okay we have a date we now know the apple watch goes on sale april 24th. how much it will cost prices start at $350 with the right wristband and finish could run up to $17,000. that version will only be sold at high-end stores. three basic models and apple says the typical user will get 18 hours of use before it needs recharging. preorders start april 10th. apple also unveiled its thinnest and lightest mac book over half an inch thick but has a 12-inch retina display. also a redesigned keyboard and one port for usb and charging purposes. the price starts at $1300. well the continued drop in sales may force mcdonald's to call on kale.
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say it ain't so. sales were down 4% last month. mcdonald's admits it needs to evolve and one report says it might include adding kale to the menu. analysts say the trendy leafy vegetable would make its menu more healthy and help change the chain's image. put it next to a quarterer pounder with cheese it doesn't seem too fattening anymore. let kale solve problems. the final episode of "mad men" a couple weeks ago a fancy piece of the show has been sold. a crisis lir imperial. it's a convertible driven by jon hamm's character don draper. >> only 922 of these were built. this one just 87,000 miles on it. someone just bought it for under 40 grand. a classic car dealer off ebay that sold this. a good-looking car. >> and apparently no one has smoked in it. >> but there might be some kale
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with scott naturals® tube-free. listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. . and look at this scary scene. this is from a freeway in dallas. the cab of that 1-wheeler dangling over an overpass. the driver and passenger were able to scramble to safety and only had minor injuries. the wreck has since been cleared. roads in dallas and most of the rest of the country should be in good shape this morning. the exception is the midsouth over to the mid-atlantic coast where roads will be wet. >> if you're flying airport delays are likeliest in memphis, tennessee. we turn to washington state. police there on the had upts for an attempted kidnapper caught on video. >> it happened sunday in a tiny
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town southwest of spokane. three siblings were playing in a park ages 10 8 and 22 months when police say a man scooped the toddler out of his stroller and ran off. >> an eagle eye grandmother sent her grandson and a friend to chase him. he dropped the toddler in a vacant lot. >> whew. the houston ship channel is closed to all traffic after two ships collided. it included one carrying toxic chemicals hit into each other at a narrow spot near the foggy entrance. people living nearby were told to stay indoors as a precaution. the coast guard says they don't know how much of the chemical leaked but three tanks were damaged. much smaller boat had to be evacuated. you're seeing this here in san francisco bay. smoke started pouring out of the engine compartment. seven people were on board helped to safety by a pair of cousins out fishing at the time. nobody injured. the boats sustained significant damage age cause of the smoke yet to be determined. erie
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disappearance of a dog. two shoop dog owners believe their pets were targeted. an autopsy found that 3-year-old jagger you're seeing there is definitely poisoned and whether the killer is a jealous rival. one of the creative geniuses who helped bring us "the simpsons" died. sam simon left it after doing charity work. he was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago and died in los angeles. he was just 59 years old. turn to health headlines now. and our parents raising a generation of narcissists. a new study, a dutch study found that a cornerstone of today's modern parenting which is telling your kids they're special can increase their narcissistic tendencies. researchers say parents should instead reinforce that they are
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loved. that bolsters self-esteem without implying they are superior to their peers. well a terrifying moment for an e-cigarette smoker. it blew up while smoking it. southern california man said he heard it humming, i think that's bad so he pulled it away from his face which is a good idea. and then the thing blew up. part of the device lodged in the ceiling. his bed clothes caught fire. he was able to douse the fire and call 911. >> are you having any trouble with your breathing? >> i think i'm having a little bit of anxiety. this thing like blew up in my face and it shot and stuck in my ceiling. >> he suffered minor burns to his face hands and a cut on his hand. there's no word on the cause of that explosion. fire officials warn e-cigarette users not to overcharge them. if you're ever looking for a reason to stop smoking, a cigarette that just blew up. might be a good one. >> you're right. can't believe we're talking march madness already.
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>> favorite time of year. >> some men's college basketball teams already have their bids. >> and plenty of action going on. as for the nba our guys at espn we turn to. >> he's stan. i'm neil. this is the actual "sportscenter" set in los angeles. atlanta was the first team to 50 wins monday but they didn't make the cut. >> you say that as if somewhere there could be a fake los angeles "sportscenter" set. we'll deal with that. >> some guy in his basement may have one. warriors taking on the suns going to tate trying to get to 50 wins. klay thompson and steph curry, the splash brothers so we got puddles on the court and stuff. they outscored the suns by one. third quarter, same thing. thompson for 3 then the fourth quarter, steph curry again, 36 points, seven threes for curry warriors win it that's 50 for them. >> see, looks like animal kingdom, the grizzlies and the bulls with the brothers gasol.
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pretending like they like playing against each other. they're on the record they don't. marc wide open. pau, what am i supposed to do. mike conley with the grizz up 4. he called glass much then connelly to tony the fred bears getting it done. the grizz, how good are the grizz? pretty good 101-91. >> you know the first time we did that highlight, i thought it was the celtics -- >> the green jerseys. >> but remembered st. patrick's day is coming up. up next in "the pulse" something t.j. has been wondering all morning. who got the final rose? >> tell me. >> another season of "the bachelor" in the books with a proposal. also can you spot the real zach galifianakis. who is the actor? which one is the impersonator who is also making some big bucks? you come to find the biggest liquid gold mine in the state?
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♪ welcome back to "america this morning." time for "the pulse" and we start with a big finale. abc's "the bachelor," the question would farmer chris pick becca or whitney? >> okay meeting the family and the final date becca was the first one into chris' barn and that's not a good sign. he said it wasn't fair for them to take the leap right now and with that becca was sent home. >> okay that meant good things for whitney then, right? back to the barn. the story just weirds when you say it starts in a barn. chris dropped down to one knee and proposed and she said sdlz and called her. self the happiest girl in the entire world. we'll see them on "gma" later. >> speaking of happy girls how about the new "bachelorette." that's right. two of them.
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last night it announced brit and kaitlyn on the right would try to find love on the upcoming season of "the bachelorette." >> chris harrison say the 5 on the guys will have their say about who will be the best wife so how is that going to work out here on abc? >> we'll find out starting monday may 18th. >> a guy from philadelphia supposedly making big bucks impersonating the zach galifianakis character. he works the "l" at las vegas strip as an alan impersonator and people are hiring him to attend parties. >> he's so impressive in nailing this. they hire him as a double in "the hangover 3." here they are side by side. can you even tell? the guy is making 250 grand for playing alan. him on the right if you can't tell. a fake baby he's holding. >> i thought it was the guy on the left. i thought the fake baby was the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 4:28 leyla gulen is watching traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is watching the fog. it is patchy but i saw very dense fog. >> dense across the north bay where we have a dense fog advisory. half a mile at petaluma and santa rosa but oakland is half a mile and hayward is quarter-mile so dense fog. this is how it looks from the camera to san francisco: you can barely see the to which the buildings. if at all. we go from fog to start. sun at noon. the clouds thicken this afternoon. they are mild again with the temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast and the rest us 60s to low 70s. how about our traffic,
4:29 am
leyla? >> the fog is attempting the commute and socked in at the bay bridge toll plaza so traffic is light. we will find out how it looks in walnut creek, that is much clearer. southbound side of 680 we have company northbound traffic scant but in the north bay it is fogging in on 101 with more details in a few minutes. >> we will get to breaking news police are at home if san jose after a man was taken to the hospital possibly the victim of a shooting. our reporter is at the scene of the home. >> this is a very active scene and police have taped off the area and you see police are speaking with witnesses. they are trying to figure out what took place at 3:40 this morning. here is the ambulance taking
4:30 am
away the victim. a man was shot or stabbed or assaulted with wounds to the pace and back. they are questioning witnesses of what took place. some reported gun shots but police are waiting to hear from the hospital of what type of wounds the man is suffering. the area is blocked off. the victim gave a description of who he says attack him and they are looking for two men in a gray sedan with bandannas and hats. a man said his mom said she has lived here 40 years and there has never been a shooting here. this is behind a popular restaurant, and they don't have maybe calls to come to this area. the investigation could take a while this morning as they try to sort out the details of what took place and what happened to this man this morning. thank you matt. new video if overnight of


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